November 12th, 2016

14-year-old Entrepreneur Taking Over The Country

14-year-old Entrepreneur

14-year-old Entrepreneur and Melbourne student Izzi (Isabella) Dymalovski has already achieved more than many of us will in our entire careers.


Luv Ur Skin, the natural skin care line she developed (through founding Luv Ur Self) is growing from strength to strength and is currently stocked in over 420 Priceline stores nationally.


Rewind six years and it was a comment from Izzi’s mother that spurned the then eight year old on to close a gaping hole in the beauty market – skin care for tweens and young girls.


“I used to do a lot of dance concerts and I wasn’t allowed to use any of my mum’s skincare products to take my makeup off because she said they were too chemical-y. So a few arguments later, she said, ‘Why don’t you go and do your own stuff?’ I don’t think she assumed I’d go off and do it,” Izzi laughs.


“Before [Luv Ur Skin], if you look at cosmetics in skin care (even now) there are products for babies zero to six and then it goes straight to teenagers who are 15 to 16 plus. There’s no in between,” Izzi explains.


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