July 24th, 2017

Jessica Harr: Luv Ur Skin Review


Hello everyone! So the other day Luv Ur Skin sent me out a box full of skincare goodies which you might have seen on my Instagram!

I love the fact that they are all natural and make my skin feel great! All of the skincare products were gentle which was great for my sensitive skin.

Here’s a product by product review :


The face moisturiser was one of my fav products out of the entire pack! The rose smell made it all the more appealing and it’s gentle soothe made my skin feel so soft!


The foaming face wash was another one of my fav products! After applying and rinsing the wash off my skin looked and felt so smooth and soft. After using the face wash for 1 week I instantly began to notice results and my skin began to look a HEAP clearer. If you are looking for a product to clear skin or just give your skin a natural glow then this is the product for you!


The lip balm had more of a gloss feel to it which I generally dislike but this gloss wasn’t sticky like most glosses! The balm had a really cool combination of balm and gloss which I hadn’t seen in any other products! Also the vanilla scent to it made my lips smell and feel AMAZING!


This body wash, like the face wash, was a foaming wash which I personally love. The body wash gave my skin similar results to the face wash, my skin was clearer and softer! Also I’m lowkey obsessed with these bottles + packaging.


The body lotion moisturised my skin amazingly, making it soft and smooth but not oily which is a problem I’ve found in a lot of other products. The colour of the lotion was a brown-ish colour which I was not a huge fan of however I would DEFINETELY rather have a product that is completely natural than a highly processed moisturiser with a colour I’m used to.

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