May 11th, 2017

Beauty Lessons From My Mum

We’ve got quite a lot to thank our mothers for, not only do they nurture and care for us but they also teach us valuable lessons that we will carry throughout our lives. To express my gratitude for the amazing woman who raised me, I want to share the best beauty advice I’ve received from my mother just in time for Mother’s Day.


Feed Your Face (Via Your Stomach!)


Remember how mum always nags you to eat all your vegetables? Turns out that the benefits go way beyond keeping just your body healthy. If you’re missing the vitamins and nutrients you need, your skin will suffer the consequences. Mum’s tips? Cut out simple carbs and processed food! And remember to keep hydrated.


Use Natural Products


Mum always says that beauty is all about being the best version of ourselves. We need to take care of our skin rather than cover it! And there are no better ingredients to use on your skin than natural ones. Ditch the too-harsh cleansers and swap them out for a product with natural ingredients.


Use Sunscreen Religiously


Sunscreen is the best age defying sun-defence strategy! Sunscreen reduces the risk of skin cancer and blocks out the sun’s damaging rays that could possibly create unwanted freckles, age spots or spider veins (yikes)!


Take Care of Your Neck


Maintenance starts now! Most adults regret neglecting their necks. Always use leftover lotion and sunscreen on your hands to moisturise your neck. You never think of taking care of your neck until it’s too late! If you start good habits now, they’ll become second nature to you.


Sleep on Time


It’s called beauty sleep for a reason! While you’re dreaming, your body is actually repairing itself and recovering. Sleep deprivation can cause stress which can aggravate skin conditions. Tip? Get eight hours of shut-eye every night for a healthy glow in the morning!


Always Wash Your Face before Bed


Never go to bed with makeup on! You need to let your skin breathe while you’re asleep. If you haven’t washed your face before bed, the bacteria on your face can actually transfer onto your pillow – which will transfer back onto your face the next night!



The best beauty weapon is confidence! My mother taught me to love the skin I’m in and that beauty is far beyond skin deep. Beauty is what you feel about yourself, not about what you see in the mirror!


Luv Izzi xx

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