Body Wash 100ml

Enjoy this refreshing body wash is naturally formulated to clean and refresh teen skin, leaving it soft and glowing, without stripping natural oils or irritating skin. Developed for use on the entire body, it thoroughly cleanses without striping natural oils. This body wash contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to assist in soothing and calming irritated skin.With its formulation enriched with...

Body Lotion 100ml

This beautiful rich body lotion uses natural ingredients to hydrate and protect teen skin and is easily absorbed. A lightweight lotion that is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated, which means you can get dressed right away.  A non-greasy formula enriched with Plantolin® Extract, Avocado Oil and Pomogranite Fruit it offers a unique combination of ingredients to leave your...

Body Pack (trio set travel size)

Trio Box Set Enjoy our natural body skincare products packed in a collectable and re-usable tin. BONUS: free gift inside (Luv Ur Skin Wash Towel - great sizes for travelling) Body Wash (20ml): This invigorating Body Wash is naturally formulated to clean and refresh the skin, leaving it soft and glowing, without irritation. Is suitable for all teen, tween and...

Body Lovers

This is for all our body lovers out there who wants to pamper their skin. This pack contains full size Body Wash, Lotion and 'Spoil Me' body butter to give your skin a boost of hydration throughout the day! 1 x Body Wash 100ml 1 x Body Lotion 100ml 1 x Spoil Me - French Vanilla Body Butter 100ml

Spoil Me - French Vanilla Body Butter 100ml

This smooth and creamy body butter is enriched with the scent of french vanilla and easily absorbed giving skin 24hrs moisture.  Enriched with Plantolin® Extract and Sweet Almond Oil to rehydrate dry skin and restore natural silky looking skin. This body butter creates a barrier to lock in moisture and is suitable for all skin types. How to Use:Step 1:...

Wash Towel

1 Piece Can be used for both the face and body. Size: 30cm x 30cm