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Our range of natural skin care products are made with specially selected ingredients to help keep young and sensitive skin CLEAN, CLEAR and HEALTHY.  Our skincare is all Australian Made and developed to give girls what they want, but also making sure it’s safe and effective to use to help fight bacteria on sensitive acne prone skin, without stripping or irritating.


We believe in making the best possible products to take care of your skin, as it’s the only one we have!!  So we use the best quality ingredients, inspired by nature, including the powerful Australian native plant extract Plantolin®.  This unique extract has been developed from the Centipeda cunninghamii plant and provides gentle, effective and natural solutions to skin care.  The benefits of this extract is the synergy of the dual-action anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity, from one natural source, that has been clinically proven as safe, non-irritant and non-toxic.

Natural Ingredients


Made in Australia



Why is Anti-oxidant activity so important?

  • Proven natural anti-oxidant activity
  • Skin cell protection from free radical damage
  • Promotes natural skin cell renewal
  • Protects the skin from environmental damage


How does the Anti-inflammatory activity work:

  • Reduces skin irritation, redness and blemishes
  • Soothing and calming
  • Promotes natural skin wound healing
  • Helps to restore and renew skin cells naturally


How does this help my skin?

  • Naturally helps the skin regenerate
  • Replaces damaged skin with healthy renewed skin
  • Leaves skinvibrant, fresh and rejuvenated
  • Healthier complexion