November 29th, 2017

Slip on, slip off: Fun ways to wear shoelaces

Our silicone shoelaces are a great way to secure your shoes without worrying about your laces!

These laces are designed to tackle the daily hassle of bending down and having to tie your laces up. Coming in different colour sets, our silicone shoelaces are an innovative and fun way to brighten up your shoes! Why be apart of the crowd when you can stand out and show your unique style.

Create your own signature look and bring out  your best with the  different ways you can style these laces. We have a range of colours to suit your overall outfit which you can mix and match. Without a doubt, you will love how soft they feel and will never go back to those old, knotty and boring laces. Here are the different ways that you can wear our silicone laces

Rainbow Love: Easy, simple, wrap around laces and bring it together to click in the centre

X Mark The Spot: Secure your laces by crossing it together


Opposites Attract: Insert your laces in opposite sides to give yourself an edgy look opposite attract

Kris Kross: Secure your walk by crossing your laces even more for a secured and extra tight shoe fit

Swirls and loops: Be fun and adventurous by doing loops and swirls with your laces


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