Positivity = Healthy Skin and Life

Hey LUSGirls and all positivity lovers! We always here people talking about the strength of positivity and how it can help our skin. This fact is actually true. Positive thinking can really help not just boost your skin appearance and health but also help in other ways! Positivity can reduce stress: We all know stress […]... Read More

Is Chocolate Really Bad for Our Skin?

Hey chocolate lovers! First of all we hope you all had Happy Easter and had a great time spent with family and friends. We hope the Easter bunny visited your house all well!   So Easter has just finished an while we are really sad that the festivities are over, we are also very happy […]... Read More

What Do Our Ingredients Actually Do?

What do the ingredients in our products actually do? What is plantolin? How do I get rid of blackhead? We have all the answers for you here.... Read More

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